Accademia Tedesca a Villa Massimo: Fotografia 3. Willi Moegle, Otto Steinert

About This Project


The third edition of the exhibition on the history of German photography at Villa Massimo is devoted to the post-war period. In particular, it focuses on the late 1950’s. The exhibition features works by Willi Moegle and Otto Steinert, two fundamental creators of black and white photography. The former dealt with photography of objects, the latter with the representation of experimental and abstract photography. Two different schools of thought: applied and free photography. Nonetheless, a comparison of Steinert’s and Moegle’s photos reveals a shared interest in photography, combining the objective treatment of the subject with a particular attention for its formal character, the use of light as a stylistic medium of the photographic composition, the meticulous processing of the grey scale and the contrasts of the dark room. Both photographers clearly referred to the character of photography and grew to skilfully master image production of black and white photography.


Accademia Tedesca a Villa Massimo


07.10.2016 – 02.12.2016

Curated by

Ute Eskildsen

CIRCUITO, XV edition