Alfred Seiland: Imperium Romanum

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What remains of the Roman Empire? What image does it have in the world of today? Covering a vast area that stretches from the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Europe and beyond, Alfred Seiland has explored and photographed a series of places where the idea of Ancient Rome has either survived or been revived. His lens does not focus solely on original monuments or archaeological sites but peers into museums, resorts and cinematographic sets. Seiland’s work is not limited, therefore, to recalling a time gone by, but instead investigates the conflicted relationship between antiquity and modernity found in certain contexts with great clarity and awareness. His images are imbued with as much of the past as they are of the present: each one is a reflection on the current state of affairs, documenting with shrewd criticism and occasional irony how modern society has absorbed and redeveloped the physical and figurative legacy of Ancient Rome.

Text by

Nicola Curzio

MACRO, XV edition