Cy Twombly, Photographer

About This Project


The first retrospective in Italy of photographs by renowned American artist and long-time Rome resident Cy Twombly, this focused exhibition spans over sixty years. The earliest photographs were taken in 1951 at Black Mountain College, where Twombly studied with photographers Aaron Siskind and Hazel Larsen Archer. The latest date to the months before the artist’s death in 2011. Although principally known for his paintings and sculpture, Twombly found in photography a medium equally suited to his penetrating eye. The archive maintained by the Fondazione Nicola Del Roscio, from which the exhibited photographs are drawn, provides unique perspectives on the distinctive photographic sensibility of one of the twentieth century’s most revered artists. The exhibition offers an occasion to focus on Twombly as a photographer, rather than simply a painter who also took photographs. Th exhibition is organized with the generous support and collaboration of the Fondazione Nicola Del Roscio and the Archivio Nicola Del Roscio.


American Academy in Rome

Curated by

Peter Benson Miller