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For some years now, I have been using photography to seek an alphabet that would help me face the present. I began on the outskirts, in familiar landscapes, but then I had to push beyond and I began a global journey that slowly drew me towards more ancient lands and the archaic world. To the point that I was no longer able to see the present where I had started. I lost the present in the same way that I believe many things have lost their souls in our age of confusion that places too much faith in images and technology. I found myself trying to decipher lost and impenetrable languages. I travelled through time in an attempt to evoke and not to illustrate. Perhaps the subject of my work is time, memory and forgetfulness, ignorance, beauty and violence. The irony and brutality of Time.

Text by

Domingo Milella

In collaboration with

Grimaldi Gavin

MACRO, XIV edition