Drew Nikonowicz: This World and Others Like It

About This Project


FOTOGRAFIA – International Festival of Rome selected 10 particularly deserving finalists from approximately 300 participants who responded to the Call for Artists. Among these, This World and Others Like It, by American artist Drew Nikonowicz generated most interest and was named the winner.


This World and Others Like It investigates the role of the 21st century explorer by combining computer modeling with analogue photographic processes. Drawing upon the language of 19th Century survey images, the artist questions his relationship with current methods of recording. Thousands of realities can be explored through rover and probe based imagery, virtual role-play and videogame software.Within the contemporary wilderness, robots have replaced photographers as mediators producing images that are completely dislocated from human experience. This suggests to the artist that the sublime landscape is now only accessible by crossing the boundaries of technology.

MACRO, XIV edition