Fabio Barile: Homage to James Hutton

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In the years following the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila, photography was frequently used to document life in the local community after the disaster claimed 309 victims and greatly damaged the area. Homage to James Hutton shifts the gaze to the enigma of the region’s natural landscape, overlaying photos of it with technical drawings by geologist Antonio Moretti. Different coloured lines cover the natural forms, leaving us to imagine the range of invisible forces acting on those reliefs, those rocky formations and hollows. Taken apart from the photographs, Moretti’s marks look like the diagnoses of inescapable phenomena; superimposed onto the photographs they become the key to interpreting the landscape as a complex, hidden system. A certain beauty that is often only perceived through the photographic image, here the natural landscape is transformed into a form of research, a vision that is not to be received passively but directly interrogated by our gaze.

Text by

Fabio Severo

MACRO, XIV edition