Federico Clavarino: Italia O Italia

About This Project


A new space, generated from an encounter with reality, where places have no name and neither do the beings that walk through them. It is a labyrinth of fragments, silhouettes and glimpses. The centre, the destination, is nothing more than the reaction of the photographer to their presence along the way. The shots follow his roaming gaze so closely they might have been traced from his very eyes. Intertwining a network of references, associations and snares, Clavarino takes on – with that dose of irony that only comes from an intimate relationship – the monumental static nature of the Italian landscape, investing it with renewed allegories. In this way, before they are even photographs, these fragments are the Calvino’s cities, Montale’s verses, De Chirico’s voids and Morandi’s colours. The history of representation in Italy manifests itself more vividly than its history. Familiar, if not recognisable. Ancient ruins are interrupted by traces of the present, almost a hindrance to the silence of this timeless dream.

Text by

Ilaria Speri

MACRO, XIV edition