Flavio Scollo: OMO

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On July 20 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon for the first time. He left the oval imprint of his boot behind and it soon became so iconic as to become an integral part of the lunar landscape. But 350,000 years beforehand, some members of one of the many homo species that existed left their footprints on the surface of a volcanic complex in Caserta. Both footprints are testimonies to the great deeds of mankind, that incredible ability to overcome natural and technological obstacles. It becomes clear how much of our landscape is human expression, and these footprints call into question the very concept of “borders”: mankind’s past, present and future is one long tale of migration. Today as much as yesterday, men are in constant movement out of thirst for knowledge or survival instinct, and of the many species of homo that have lived in the world, today there remains a single race composed of 7 billion individuals. Mankind, as it exists today, owes its existence to this migratory drive.

Text by

Flavio Scollo

MACRO, XIV edition