Francesco Jodice: After the West

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In autumn 2008, Lehman Brothers Inc. went bankrupt with total debts of 1307 billion dollars. It was the most monumental bankruptcy in the history of global economics. The consequent collapse of the international stock market marked the beginning of a new ice age, a rupture that would herald the end of the “American Century” or, to put it another way, the collapse of the West as reigning model of planetary values. My focus in recent years has been compulsively drawn to this aspect of the Present and my work has combined the nostalgic commemoration of the American Century as the last great empire and visions of hypothetical scenarios to come at the end of the West’s current cultural, civil, economic, political and military supremacy. The slogan of a videogame set in a dystopian, war-torn present was “It is not the end of the world. But you can see it from here.” We are an audience, conscious to different degrees, watching the rite of passage between the demise of one era and the dawn of another.

Text by

Francesco Jodice

MACRO, XIV edition