Gabriele Basilico: Roma

About This Project


Basilico’s research unwinds between the city’s two peripheral poles, via a long pause spent at the edges of the historical centre. The northern and southern suburbs blend, are almost confused, in a continuous flow, a loop of images, and this perspective continues in a sort of eliptical orbit; measurer of the distance between the river and the city. A distance that lessens near the complexity of the centre and increases toward the intensity of the suburbs; the only constant is the water and an almost unsuspecting omnipresent vegetation. (…)

The photographic gaze takes in faults and merits with indifference, it documents with equal interest, offering a look at both new and forgotten layers that oppose antiquity. But above all, it allows a diverse perspective of a city liberated from the colours of more literary images, a perspective in which the water, no matter how neglected and indifferent, becomes a central figure, where the sky and river blend in unusual tones of liquid metal.

Text by

Pippo Ciorra

MACRO, XV edition