Giovanna Silva: Narratives/Relazioni

About This Project


Giovanna Silva’s eye follows the
 rhythms of the local and geopolitical transformations that are reshaping our world. Like late 19th century travel narratives, her photographs are a conscious act of investigation, and at the same time an exploration of contemporary events. Over the years, Giovanna Silva has traveled and photographed in countries in the grip of war or other crises, creating an anthology of stories about those nations, told in images of their landscapes. Her images do not spotlight the
reality of conflict, but bring to life a narration, far removed from any sort of spectacularization, of what is happening today in many areas of the Middle
East; carefully calibrated, they combine precise composition with a participatory point of view. These are inevitably subjective narrations that testify to the artist’s predisposition
to a highly personal way of reading
and understanding phenomena, aimed towards visually defining an intuition of the world and of reality.

Text by

Maria Alicata

MACRO, XIV edition