Graciela Iturbide: Roma

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I was impressed by the art of cutting in the Roman photographs by Graciela Iturbide. The camera lens acting as scissors, but what is excluded from view gives power to what is included. (…) The image is of a portion, of a part; the eye is a sharp blade. Then, also in the portion there are voids that are traces of what is missing. (…) We seem to be at the borders of the city we know. But what borders? Are there topographic borders: with the silent and suspended quality of her photographs, Graciela Iturbide portrays the enigmatic presence that inhabits, like a tenacious genius loci, in everything that in an ancient/modern city is pushed to the borders of what one usually observes, the leftovers of everyday views, the solitary detail with the voice of the whole. She photographs time that flees, and that as it flees now and again stops to rest.

Text by

Elisabetta Rasy

MACRO, XV edition