Guy Tillim: Roma, città di mezzo

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Guy Tillim’s images of Rome are of silent, transient moments that blink between one articulate thought and another. Tillim does not memorialize or claim a sentimental intimacy with his surroundings. He investigates cycles of decay and regeneration in the city with the candour of an outsider and, in the process, he offers another way of feeling and thinking about archetypal and contemporary Rome. (…)

Tillim captures the dual effects of corrosion and proliferation in the Roma cityscape. He conveys a sense of transient power, in images of ghostly constructions both in the archeological core of Rome and those tucked away in the city’s marginal landscape. His works underscore the organic and provincial nature of the city, in which everyday life is dominated by the tension of an incomplete and incoherent urban landscape still bound to its past.

Text by

Nicola Brandt

MACRO, XV edition