Hans-Christian Schink: Eur – Aqua Claudia

About This Project


These Ghosts. Two archaeologies have competed in Rome since the Thirties. The first is the established archaeology of ancient Roman ruins that wind from the Ager and periphery towards the city’s monumental centre, purposefully designed to be a large scale, the Fora. The second is the metaphorical archaeology of Fascism’s “imperial” phase which is scattered around the central city in large cores: the Città Universitaria, the Foro Italico and the EUR. The two ghosts that circumvent Rome pursue each other round the city, brushing against each other but almost never actually touching, apart from at the epicentre of the Imperial Fora. Schink has seized upon this strange dialogue and majestically expressed it in a project composed of two distinct yet intimately connected series. The first follows the Roman aqueduct Claudio, from the Ager to the city centre. The second investigates the metaphysical landscapes of the EUR neighbourhood, created for a 1942 Expo that would obviously never take place.

Text by

Pippo Ciorra

MACRO, XV edition