Joachim Schmid: Other People’s Photographs (2008-2011)

About This Project


The series comprises of photographs posted to online hosting website Flickr. Schmid selected a certain number, following the pattern of daily uploads from the different time zones. He then arranged these images in themed collections, under the neutral titles such as “Things”, “Shoes”, “Dogs” or “Fauna”, or somewhat humorous “Faces in Holes”, “Various Accidents” and “Cleavages”. For Schmid, “these groupings reveal recurring patterns in modern popular photography. The selection of themes is neither systematic nor does it follow any established criteria – the project’s structure mirrors the multifaceted, contradictory and chaotic practice of modern photography itself.” This practice, rigorous and arbitrary in equal measure, yielded what can be described an encyclopaedia of modern- day vernacular photography. The form of the slide projection gives a new lease of life to images that were only meant to be seen once and then forgotten, inviting the viewer to experience them in real time, in the act of extended observation.

Curated by

Olga Smith

MACRO, XIV edition