Jon Rafman: 26 August 2016

About This Project


Having spent a lot of time in Rome in recent years, Rafman decided to create a Rome Commission. Combining oneiric visions of day-to-day life with free associations, Rafman has produced a new series of animations that take the spectator on an unpredictable journey, a sort of mental exploration of Rome’s symbols and metaphors from the past to the present.

Jon Rafman is known for his series of images taken from Google Street View, a revolutionary meta-photography project that left a permanent mark on the world of photography. The Canadian artist, who has made use of a diverse range of mediums over the course of his career, has been focusing on the world of videogames recently. His latest work, a series of images and digital videos, blends the virtual aesthetic with artwork by the great masters, both referencing and carrying forward a playful tradition started by many artists before him, not lastly Alighiero Boetti.

Curated by

Bartolomeo Pietromarchi

MACRO, XV edition