Kate Steciw & Letha Wilson: Fold and unfold

About This Project

Fold and unfold is the fourth chapter in a piece of curatorial research on the most experimental contemporary forms connected to the use of photography as a medium. The exhibited artists go beyond the traditional confines of photography, freeing the image from the limits of the two-dimensional.

Letha Wilson transforms flat images into sculptural objects combining photographic prints, metal and cement in hybrid creations. Colour photos that evoke the wild nature of the American landscape are cut, pleated and immersed into layers of viscous cement. Her photography installations are as much connected to sculpture as photography and they blur the boundary between the two mediums to reinvent the image of landscape photography.

Kate Steciw, on the other hand, interrogates the relationship between reality and virtual representation. Her digital photographic collages combine her own images with visual material found or purchased online. The images collected are extrapolated from their context and reimagined as the pieces of an abstract mosaic, repeated in clippings and layers. Through a process that is both digital and artisanal, Kate Steciw explores the production, consumption and manipulation of the contemporary image.

Curated by

Alessandro Dandini de Sylva

MACRO, XV edition