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About This Project


Book’s Space investigates the nature of the photography book by connecting the artistic project with the book as object, the work of the photographer with that of the designer: two ideal focuses that often coincide in everyday production – the photographer is a designer too, and sometimes not an artist – or they take on more complex functions that involve many more people, from the editor and curator to the printers themselves. Concentrating on some of the most interesting publications released between 2014 and 2015, the book is deconstructed as project, story and object. This horizontal and vertical exhibition on the one hand accompanies the publications with short interviews with photographers and designers and elements such as the first scale models or various materials, and on the other, develops through dialogue between images. Eight projects are on display as well as the 20 most interesting books selected from the online contest.




A Drop in the Ocean – Sergio Romagnoli

photos Sergio Romagnoli, Milo Montelli, book design Milo Montelli, Alessandro Calabrese, Editions du Lic, 2014


Fractal State of Being

photos/ book design Sara Skorgan Teigen, Journal, 2014



photos Daisuke Yokota, book design Valentina Abenavoli, Akina books, 2015


Oasis Hotel

photos Nicolò Degiorgis, book design Nicolò Degiorgis, Walter Hutton, Rorhof, 2014



photos Petra Stavast, book design Hans Gremmen, Roma publications+FW: books, 2014


The Winners

photos Rafal Milach, book design Rafal Milach, Ania Nalecka, GOST, 2014


US’ Episode 1: Our Industry

photos Christopher J. Everard, book design Rob van Hoesel, 2014, Interlife+The Eriskay Connection



photos/book design Robin Maddock, Trolley books 2011


Special Mentions


After a while
photos Natalia Baluta, book design Julia Borissova, self-published, 2014


Die Mauer ist Weg!

photos Mark Power, book design Ania Nalecka/Tapir Book Design, Globtik Books, 2014


DOM (Document Object Model)

photos/book design Julia Borissova, selfpublished, 2014


Dreaming Leone
photos Alvaro Deprit, book design Michela Palermo, self-published, 2014



photos Raimond Wouda, book design Robin Uleman, FW:books, 2015



photos Giovanni Del Brenna, book design Heijdens Karwei, self-published, 2014


Il dono e la minaccia

photos Federico Covre, book design Zaven (Enrica Cavarzan+Marco Zavagno), Documentary Platform Editions, 2014


In the shadow of the Pyramids/Let the People

photos Laura El-Tantawi, book design SYB, self-published, 2015


Landscape of Pressure

photos Kathrin Golda-Pongratz, book design Ignasi L.pez, self-published, 2014


L’Aquila e La Rana

photos Luca Massaro, book design Samuele Pellecchia e Alice ZaniLibiriDiSam Edizioni, 2014


La plume plongea la tête

photos/book design Sara Palmieri, self-published, 2015



photos Indra Kumar Jha (aka Nate), book design Federico Carpani, selfpublished, 2015



photos Hillie de Rooij, book design Rob vaan Hoesel, The Eriskay Connection, 2015



photos Alessandro Dandini de Sylva, book design Filippo Nostri, selfpublished, 2015



photos Yulia Krivich, book design Ania Nalecka, Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych, Krak.w, 2015



photos Yorgos Karailis, book design Maria Polan e Yorgos Karailis, Keher Verlag, 2015


Taking Off: Henry my Neighbour

photos found by Mariken Wessels, book design Mariken Wessels, Jurgen Maelfeyt, APE, 2015


There’s Nothing Wrong with That

photos Reka Szent-Ivanyi, book design di Virag Bogyo, self-published, 2014


This Equals That

photos Jason Fulford, book design Jason Fulford, Tamara Shopsin, Aperture, 2014


You See – A Journey to Los Angeles and California

photos Christopher Anhalt, book design Stefan Kaetz, Homeparkpress, 2014


Curated by


MACRO, XIV edition