Marco Delogu: Luce attesa, Roma o della polarità inversa

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Rome has been praised for centuries for the quality of its light. (…) Delogu does without this famous Roman light altogether, basing his two series on its utter absence. In thus doing, he captures a more underlying, unobvious but not less important light that is emblematic of Rome. The light of time itself: Rome is the city where, more than anywhere else in the world, history makes itself felt in all its diversity and duration, without closing itself on one period at the expense of the others, both melancholy and destructive, but also very suggestive. Without describing this state of fact, which would have led to overdidactic pictures, he makes it incredibly visible, or rather palpable, a palpableness which only a long familiarity can create, in the trembling of contours and colors (in the night landscapes), in the near disappearance of motifs (of the signs under a black sun). He creates images that tread a very fine line, as they are extremely concrete and specific, but also appear to be on the verge of being turned, or returned, to indistinction.

Text by

Éric de Chassey

MACRO, XV edition