Martin Bogren: Italya

About This Project


Martin Bogren start his personal Grand Tour of Italy almost tiptoeing. In what is almost a tradition for Scandinavian photographers, he set out with a small format camera. Even smaller: a half frame. Perhaps he wished to be on his best behaviour, the guest who would hate to intrude in this country so heavy with the weight of its visual heritage. He does not attempt to pursue that line of imagery, but quite naturally discovers his own more personal direction while looking for something else. More than anything in fact, he appears to be looking for a home, in the people he meets as much as the places he visits. This research composed of many emotional fragments is resolved in a point of fusion that involves two worlds, two rhythms and two climates. Images carved into our visual memory are revealed in a new shape that is both familiar and foreign. In doing so he creates his own personal Italya, transforming it into a mirror for his reflections which gives to the matter a rare, almost dreamlike atmosphere, molding this with the ebb and flow of people and things that carries him, now captivated and enthusiastic guest, along for the ride.

Curated by

Flavio Scollo

MACRO, XIV edition