Mohamed Keita: Dentro Roma

About This Project


Mohamed Keita started taking photographs almost immediately upon arriving in Rome, after a long journey from the Ivory Coast and across the Libyan Desert. When he arrived he had no bed, no home and no job: in short, nothing that a human being should have by rights. But he did have a disposable camera and an innate, enviable talent for photography. That is how his exploration of Rome began, as a way to express himself and the city with the virgin eyes of somebody exploring a new world. He began from Termini Station itself, not a house but a sheltered place at least. Over time Rome became his city, his gaze was no longer external but acute, attentive and sometimes ironic. An intense gaze that comes right from the heart of Rome, from the city’s dynamism or indolence. Keita’s photography is never banal, each shot reveals his humanity and the humanity he encounters, each one leaves a comment on the deep soul of the people of Rome, wherever they may come from, forming a single, organic portrait.

Curated by

Marco Delogu

MACRO, XIV edition