Olivo Barbieri: site specific_ROMA 04-14

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The other important revelation of Barbieri’s work on Rome is his choice to show the centre of his work immediately, surprising us by removing himself from the liturgies of exegesis and the tedious torment of the critics. While the focus of these images is uncertain and “selective” (long a distinctive feature of Barbieri’s work), that of his enquiry is totally explicit and clear: the subject is not the place but its very representation, together with its thousand different declinations and the infinite potential of the vehicle. Consequently, he makes no distinction between Rome and its oversized model on display at the museum in the city’s EUR district. The camera erases the differences between reality and representation, manipulating both at will, clarifying that Rome, like the other subjects in the site specific series, is merely an opportunity to reflect on the world, the role of art, and one’s own technique.

Text by

Pippo Ciorra

MACRO, XV edition