Paolo Pellegrin: Sevla

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Pellegrin looks for the humanity which the eternal city seems to have lost. He finds it in a Roma family. He does not seek out the big city or the different strata that have formed over the centuries and millennia. It can be hard for Romans to tackle beauty, to take in the Colosseum and Fora, the piazzas and statues, the Renaissance and Baroque.
In many ways, it is as though he, as a Roman, has still not processed his own city, which is, after all an impossible task. Pellegrin left Rome a long time ago; he has lived in France, America and England but he mostly travels. He returns to Rome but does not go in.
He does not shut down his vision of the world when he goes home and the Roma people are the face of Rome that is closest to what he is used to. (…) Its task is a strong sharing with the protagonists of his photographs, it is the renunciation of the city for the family. A family with few superstructures, big, large, with a sense of respect for the time and seniority, different from the western disintegration, warm.

Text by

Marco Delogu

MACRO, XV edition