Paolo Ventura: Homage a Saul Steinberg

About This Project


It all began with a photograph of Saul Steinberg’s, one that I have always loved. In the image he is holding the hand of himself as a child, a life-size reproduction of when he was 8 or 9 years old. How much of your infant self can you hold on to as you grow and how much disappears as you become an adult? That is the sense of the work and it remains an open question. My father had the outfit that Primo, my son, is wearing in my photos made for me when I was his age. In this way, I become a child again through my son, not only as wishful thinking but also by genuinely “shrinking”, in a clear game of true/false and theatre/reality that leaves room for the ambiguity and contradiction of the present: become an adult, remain a child.

Text by

Paolo Ventura

MACRO, XIV edition