Pino Musi: Opus

About This Project


Elucidate. That is: to fully accept the impenetrable weave of conditions and precognitions that are triggered when a photographer stands before an artefact, a piece of architecture or a monument. To enact, in the brief, tense time it takes for the selection process, whatever it is that will bring forth the image from the magma of the possible; a process that eliminates rhetoric and clichés. And finally, to rediscover the authentic reason for the beauty of those signs. This is the profound meaning of Pino Musi’s images.

His piece ‘Opus’, a series of thirteen photographs in linear succession, considers multiple aspects of ancient Roman knowledge on construction and architecture. In this case, the photographs are in a position to return a certain visual order and dignity to the fragments, the remains, that material ‘sullied’ by time and excrescence, through vivid lighting and a black and white format rich in tonal nuances.

Text by

Marco Delogu

MACRO, XV edition