The Cool Couple: Turbulent Times. Nothing happens in nice weather. Chapter 2: Cool people pay happily

About This Project


The widespread crisis in which we are now accustomed to living has changed the way we exist in the world. The invasion of digital products has created a new form of economy based on a combination of credit cards, connection, loyalty, democratisation and happiness. The essential concept behind this business model, often called freemium, is the offer of a free item or service, with some limitations, which can only be removed if the client purchases the complete version of the product. The most interesting aspect behind this phenomenon is the fact that it is leading the western world towards the greatest change in the structure of property since the birth of the capitalist system: access to a service is becoming increasingly more desirable than an object and the very idea of something being free seems to have been altered.


The project realized by The Cool Couple on the occasion of the fourth Graziadei Prize is centred around the free distribution of a multiple of Cossack Boots, Arta Terme #001, 2013, part of the series Approximation to the West. It is one of their best-known photographs, but unfortunately it is only available under the exclusive conditions of the art system. Therefore, they decided to meet the visitors halfway, creating a version that can be easily accessed, at no cost, at the MACRO for the duration of the Fotografia Festival. The basic free version of the poster will not be complete however. In order to complete the artwork, visitors will have to become plus users: in exchange, they will not only receive the missing piece with which to complete the image but also a certificate of authenticity signed by The Cool Couple and bearing the edition number. Just visit their online shop to become a plus user, but hurry! The limited edition is available at a promotional price for the first four months only.

Graziadei Prize 2015

Winner 4th edition

MACRO, XV edition