Tim Davis: Quinto Quarto

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I was also struck by how relevant “Quinto Quarto” felt to my photographic practise, which has always been driven by a strong desire to look through accepted cultural iconographies and to see what I’m not supposed to see.


“La La Traviata” takes on the problem of foreigners in Italy. This video, of non-Italian prostitutes singing a song in their native languages, was made at the edges of town, where there women and men stand by the side of the road. The experience was bizarre for all involved, but mostly for the prostitutes, who where asked to access emotional place that only music can address. I think of the piece as a version of Verdi’s La Traviata, made as far from the opera stage as it possible to get.


Quinto Quarto is a new paradigm for me as an artist: a series of pieces rather than a body of work, that has allowed me to play and provoke in ways I haven’t always been able to as a photographer.

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Tim Davis

MACRO, XV edition