The book’s space interviews: This equals that

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18 Dec The book’s space interviews: This equals that

Book: This equals that
Photographs: Jason Fulford
Book design: Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin
Editor: Aperture
Date of publishing: 2014
N° of copies: 6000
Dimensions: 20×20 cm
Binding: Hardcover
Paper: Matte coated


Which are the 5 indispensable pictures for this book?

Photographer: You could pick any 5 and say they are necessary because the whole book fits together like a puzzle.

What is the framed structure of this book?

Book Designer: The edit is a circle where each picture leads to the next, and the last picture relates back to the first.

How did you choose your book designer?

P: We are the authors and designers.

What was your approach to get into the photographic project?

BD: The idea was to make a classic book for children that would teach visual language through association.

How did you develop the work on the book?

P / BD: We started on a Friday, playing with small prints of images from my archive, laying them out on the floor and finding connections. By Sunday we had the linear edit that you see in the book.


Which narrative slant did you choose for this book and why?

BD: Each spread has an image on the left and one on the right. The challenge is to find the connection between the two. The image on the right is then repeated on the left side of the following spread, with a new image on its right. This pair has a different relationship than the previous. This continues until the last image relates back to the first.

What’s the difference between the book and the photographic project slant?

P: They are one and the same.


How did you choose the materials and the kind of printing?

BD: The materials needed to be strong, to withstand the hands of a child. The printing is standard offset CMYK plus spot varnish.

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